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The Digital Vagabond


As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I’ve seriously been considering doing a bit of travel. Part of that is complicated by my desire (at some level at least) to purchase an apartment sometime soon. I met with a realtor today to go over some listings in the area, and am slowly transitioning from passive looking into active looking. I’m really not sure of my timeline yet if I were to buy something, but probably sometime in the next 3 to 6 months. I’m also seriously debating heading to Serbia for a few months in the spring or summer. My friend Milan lives in a little town called Novi Sad, and he’s been trying to get me to come visit for quite a while now. I actually was about 3 hours away from getting on a plane to go visit Novi Sad when my previous job canceled my trip on me […]

Serbia Bound


Those of you that follow my Twitter feed probably noticed that I almost made it to Serbia about a week ago. I was scheduled to fly over there to spend a month helping out our software development team, but at the last minute it all fell apart. It appears that all the stars at work have realigned, and I’m most likely heading to Serbia this week. I’ll be gone most likely for around four weeks, and will be getting a small apartment out there. My flight will most likely take me from Vancouver to Frankfurt, and then onwards to Belgrade. From Belgrade, I’ll be taking a car or a train up to Novi Sad, which is the second largest city in Serbia, and home to the Exit Festival. All in all, that’s probably around 20 hours of traveling, so it’s quite a long ways to go. Photo by Niels van […]