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Entry #19 – 10 Bucks Too


My friend Kelly sent me along this information, and I wanted to share it with everyone. Apparently Shaw Cable has been aggressively trying to hurt Novus in the Vancouver market. Here’s some information from the 10buckstoo.com website: Shaw has been offering residents in buildings wired for Novus wildly aggressive rates that it’s not offering anyone else. This appears to be an attempt to eliminate Novus, its only local cable TV competition, which is unethical and unfair. One of these offers is selling their Shaw Digital TV with: Two months free 200 digital channels $9.95/month for 10 months One year free rental of two PVRs For more information, visit the 10 Bucks Too website, or follow them on Twitter.

The Case Of The Disappearing Bandwidth


This morning I went to use my internet and was redirected to a page that indicated I had exceeded my bandwidth for the month. Granted, with my recent purchase of Apple TV, I have been using more bandwidth. But as far as I’m concerned it’s not anything crazy (the odd TV show), and it’s strange to me that I hit my limit. I upgraded to the next plan up which is a small SoHo package for now. The part that concerns me is that my upstream bandwidth was larger than my downstream, which makes no sense at all based on the things I do with my computer. My NAT is locked down, so it’s basically impossible for someone to be stealing my bandwidth from me, and I rarely torrent. So for now, I really have no idea what’s going on. I’m going to keep a watch on it from my […]