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Entry #23: Acid3 Tests And Web Browsing


Anyone who has attempted to design a website before knows that not all browsers are created equal. In terms of web development, a lot of my time goes into making a website work on Internet Explorer 6, since many people still used it even though it is hopeless broken with regards to being standards compliant. To help make browsers more compliant, several initiates have emerged over the last few years. The first is an effort by the Worldwide Web Consortium (W3C) to have the source code for websites validate against W3C standards. While several exist, most developers attempt to conform to TRANSITIONAL or STRICT XHTML document types in their code. While that definitely helps cross-browser support, it still does not account for browsers that inherently perform differently. To address that problem, a group of developers came up with the Acid3 Tests. These tests are meant to do an exhaustive measure […]