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Another Happy Mac Customer


One of the last conversations I had at Northern Voice was with Michael Klassen, and it was about how Microsoft had completely forgotten about the end-user. Sure, maybe they spent five years working hard to make a new OS that they hoped everyone would like, but the user-experience just isn’t there. Which is really the prime area where Apple excels — they listen to the end user, and make the experience simple and productive. Other companies simply want to focus on the “how” and not the “why”. Having a really elegantly coded application with a crappy user interface is just […]

My First And Last Week With Windows Vista


I’m officially going to blog about my frustration with Windows Vista so far. If you were following last week, I decided (stupidly) that I would upgrade my laptop from windows XP to windows Vista. First, the whole upgrade procedure took on the order of four hours, and it wasn’t exact smooth all the time. The progress meters were hopelessly broken, and the pre-check that it does to make sure you can actually install vista properly got it wrong. One thing that bothers me right away is that you can no longer install Vista on the same partition as another OS. […]