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The End Of Microsoft Windows


Yesterday I read a really interesting article about the end of Windows as we know it. I can’t say that I disagree with that assessment at all. As many of you know, Windows Vista was basically my sole reason for moving to a Mac last year. I had installed it on my Toshiba notebook computer and it was the slowest piece of a garbage I had ever used — none of the drivers worked properly, and it crashed for no reason. The worse part was their “upgrade wizard” said my machine would be fine. Here’s a little video I took while installing it (looks like it’s up to 50,000 views on YouTube): The thing about Mac, at least in terms of an OS, is that’s basically the BSD kernel with a nice UI on top of it. And I say that in a good way. What it means is that […]

Windows Vista Rated One Of The Worse Products Ever


From here Windows Vista rated one of the worse products ever by CNET: Any operating system that provokes a campaign for its predecessor’s reintroduction deserves to be classed as terrible technology. Any operating system that quietly has a downgrade-to- previous-edition option introduced for PC makers deserves to be classed as terrible technology. Any operating system that takes six years of development but is instantly hated by hordes of PC professionals and enthusiasts deserves to be classed as terrible technology. Windows Vista conforms to all of the above. Its incompatibility with hardware, its obsessive requirement of human interaction to clear security dialogue box warnings and its abusive use of hated DRM, not to mention its general pointlessness as an upgrade, are just some examples of why this expensive operating system earns the final place in our terrible tech list. Given that the first purchase of a Mac I made this year […]

Installing Vista


So, I was multitasking at work today, installing Windows Vista on my laptop, and doing some work on my desktop machine. I thought the upgrade process would be simple, but instead it was a huge headache. First, Windows Vista Installer analyzed my whole machine and told me I was good to go. Then, I start installing it and it goes “wait a sec, just joking — you gotta remove all this software first before you can install Vista.” So, I uninstall Nero, my anti-virus program and a DVD RAM drive thing that I’ve never used. Install, take 2. The next part of the process is rather uneventful, but I have to say that the progress meters in the installer are terrible. First, they aren’t really tied to time or anything useful. It will hover at 2% for 30 minutes, then just up to 15% in about 3 seconds. Second, they […]