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Last Entry for a Few Days


I don’t really have much to say, but I thought I’d write one last entry before my big surgery day. I spent most of the weekend putting in some hours for work, since I had a few meetings last week that took up too much time. Except for the party down at Bryght on Friday night, I didn’t really accomplish too much. Well, that’s not entirely true — today I went into my room and finally sat down to do my taxes.. I think I’m technically a few weeks late, but since I don’t owe any money, I don’t think anybody will kick up a big fuss (in fact, those sneaky bastards owe me $1100). About two months ago, somebody suggested I check out a gourmet grocery store in Yaletown called The Urban Fare. It’s pretty pricey, but everything there is really tasty. They have a really amazing meat section, […]

Set in Motion


Friday afternoon I had yet another enlightening visit down at St. Paul’s hospital. I actually went in rather grumpy and upset with the whole process, but about five minutes into it was greated by a really cute, friendly medical student. So, my spirits rose pretty quickly to the point where I was making light of the whole situation. It was actually rather funny, because the first little bit of dialog went like this: Cute student: “so why are you here today?” Me: “I have no idea” Cute student: “what do you mean you have no idea? You came in.” Me: “My doctor’s office called me and said to come in. They didn’t know why.” Cute student: “So you have no idea why you’re here today” Me: “Nope” Cute student: “Oh. Well let me see if I can figure it out. Me: (thinking “yeah right” to myself) — “Go for it.” […]