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Joel Salatin From Polyface Farms


If you’ve seen Food Inc., you’ve undoubtedly seen a few scenes with one of America’s most well-known farmers (at least nowadays), Joel Salatin. Joel is a revolutionary farmer in so much as he has stuck with more traditional methods of raising and growing food. While he’s applied a few basic modern tools (such as low-power electric fences) most of what he does on the farm has been passed down to him by his father. I’ve seen a few videos of him talking now, and he’s so passionate about his quest for better food and accountability in the food system that it’s hard not to get caught up in what he’s saying. I was reading a few excerpts from some interviews recently, and thought that this one was rather interesting. Here are a few quotes that I think are relevant, not just for farming, but for many high-tech businesses as well: […]