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Mac Update 10.5.2 for OS X


For all of you who have been waiting patiently for the new 10.5.2 update, the wait is over. 10.5.2 is now available on software update. I’m installing all 350 MB of it right now. For all of you about to update, I salute you. Oh, and for all you people on shitty broadband, you should know I just downloaded 352 MB in 4 minutes here.

Wireless N and Leopard


I know for a fact that Leopard seems to work fine with Apple’s router, but I’ve been having a lot of problems with Leopard and my Linksys Wireless N router here at home. Once and a while it will just give itself a self-assigned IP address and that’s that. The only way to fix it is to reboot my Mac and my router, which usually causes it to grab a real one. Funny thing is I can switch to my neighbours connection (sssh, don’t tell), and it works fine even in that state, so it’s something about the Linksys it doesn’t like. Seems like there’s a problem with 10.5.1 and some wireless routers. Mine actually comes up in my menu as “Device” instead of where it normally is. Strange. I’ve put all the settings to default as well. Looks like I might need to go buy an Apple Airport Router […]

Apple Leopard 10.5.1 Update Finally Out


I’ve been waiting patiently for this update, since I’ve had quite a few problems with wireless since switching to Leopard. I also need to drop my Mac off at the repair facility to probably replace the logic board in it, since I’ve been having weird LCD and sleep problems on my Mac. Unfortunately, there seems to be over a week delay at MacStation for even looking at these things, which means I’ll basically be computerless for a while. I’m sure I’ll survive, but will be weird not to have a computer at home. Maybe I can go back to doing “normal” things again for a while. To get the new update, just go to the Apple Menu and pick Software Update. You can read about some of the changes here. I’ll let everyone know how it goes when I’m all done.

Lightscribe on the Mac


One of the pieces of technology I’ve always thought was pretty cool was the new Lightscribe CD burners out there on the market. Prior to Lightscribe technology, the best a home user could really do was to be an ink-jet printer, print out a CD label, and then mess with putting it on in the right place. Some companies tried to make blank CDs with actual, printable surfaces, but those didn’t really work. But somewhere, after a few beers, some genius came up with the great idea of simply etching the label on the CD using the laser built into the CD burner. And thus, Lightscribe was created. A sample CD burned using Lightscribe – photo from hp.com A while ago I was in Future Shop and saw a Lightscribe external CD burner for around $50. At that price, I thought, it would be cool to pick up so that […]

My First Five Days With A MacBook Pro


I thought I’m chime in with my thoughts and feelings so far now that it’s been a few days without a PC. First, I’m definitely really happy with my purchase. For the most part everything has just worked, and I haven’t had to mess with very many things so far. Sometimes I lament not having more control over cetain elements (for example, trying to figure out which WiFi connection to use in a public space isn’t exactly obvious — in Windows at least you can see signal strength and public/private all at once. I haven’t figured out how to see all that on the Mac). The windowing manager on Mac OS X is so much better than Vista. It’s really snappy, and you can program the mouse to activate certain aspects of the Windowing system just by moving it into certain corners. For example, when I move my mouse to […]