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Vitamin C Addiction


Yes, it’s true. I’m officially addicted to vitamin C. I’m not sure how it happened really. I started taking vitamins recently to go along with my diet. Since the store had these fun sugar-free grape ones I thought, hey, what the hell. Turns out, they are like the best tasting things ever. They recommend two per day, but I’m sure I had at least twenty over the course of the day today. It’s basically impossible to OD on vitamin C, so I’m not worried at all. Unfortunately though, the sweetening ingredient in these little bad boys is sorbitol, which is a type of sugar alcohol. Sugar alcohols taste good and don’t metabolize like sugar, but unfortunately lead to some pretty major gastro-intestinal distress. If you see me dash out of PhotoCamp on Friday in a hurry, it’s nothing personal. It just means I stocked up on vitamins in the morning.

Heath Ledger Found Dead


By now I’m sure you’ve heard that Heath Ledger, one of the stars of the movie Brokeback Mountain, was found dead in NYC. While nobody really knows for sure what happened, police have said he was on both antidepressants and ambien, which is a relatively new form of sleeping pill that a few of my friends have taken from time to time for insomnia. Ambien by itself has a relatively good safety record, but when taken in combination with any other agent that has the ability to suppress the central nervous system, it has been fatal before. Why I’m writing this entry is because the last few entries and news articles on it that I’ve read have been completely distasteful, showing tons of media in front of his place with little or no respect for his friends or family. I find it rather sickening to see there’s a whole industry […]