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Buenos Aires, Day 3


I just got back from a little walk around Palermo Soho. It’s about 32C right now, and it sure is a nice change to wear shorts and a t-shirt compared to the rain and cold gear I had on back home. Without further ado, here’s a little video I shot today with my new HD Kodak Playsport: I spent yesterday trying to get a SIM for my cell phone down here. I basically walked all the way from Palermo Soho to Recoleta, which took me about 45 minutes each way. It was quite the adventure, and it’s still not quite over. I’ll post more about the cell phone situation once there’s a bit of resolution to it. Truthfully though, I haven’t had data on my cell phone in about four days now, and it’s pretty nice walking around without having my phone vibrate or chirp all the time. So, I’m […]

Buenos Aires Apartment Bookings


This morning I put a deposit down on a nice apartment right in the heart of the trendy area in Buenos Aires, Palermo Soho. Soho, of course, is a reference to a hip, upbeat area in New York City. Given that I’m only staying for three months, I thought I would spend my time in the cool part of the city. Palmero Soho is extremely green, with lots of parks and trees. In addition, it’s also full of great restaurants, pubs, patios, and shopping. In Buenos Aires it’s next to impossible to get a super cheap apartment unless you have a local guarantor. That said, the place I’m renting is a pretty good deal at $1,100 a month, considering it’s fully furnished, in a great part of town, and also includes all of the utilities. I could have probably saved a few hundred dollars by waiting until I arrived to […]

Accommodation Hunting In Buenos Aires


Well, according to my little Excel spreadsheet, my trip begins in 96 days now. Depending on whether or not you’re a glass is half full or half empty kind of person, that will seem like a lot of time or not very much. It doesn’t seem like very much time to me, considering how much I need to still do before taking off. First, I gave notice on my apartment the other day. My landlord confirmed it today, which basically means the clock is ticking on this place. I’ve been waiting for October to officially arrive before starting the mad craigslist dash to sell pretty much everything that isn’t bolted down, so I have a few more days. Other than a few items, I’m hoping to hock the majority of what I own. Depending on where I end up later next year, I figure I can simply buy whatever I […]