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Home Garden Update


I was wondering today just how long my little garden has been growing for. Looking at my Flickr set, it looks like I had moved a few of the tomato seedlings outside on May 22nd. Here’s a shot at the time: I took a few photos today, and wanted to do a little comparison. It’s been roughly five weeks since I started, and here’s what things look like today: As you can see, things are progressing nicely. I had a little mishap about a week ago where I accidentally broke the main stem on one of my roma tomato plants. I actually managed to fix it up such that the wilting disappeared and it started coming back to life. Unfortunately that made God angry, and he destroyed that little guy with some wind instead. So I lost half of that tomato plant. Thankfully I planted a few extra (the engineer […]

Mint – Statistics Package For Websites


As most of you know, there are several popular methods for obtaining statistics for your blog. While Google Analytics is probably the most comprehensive one I know (with the added benefit of being free), it is limited somewhat by the fact the the statistics are not real-time. For most practical purposes, that limitation isn’t a big deal, but it’s sometimes nice to be able to see what’s going on within your website in real time. On the recommendation of a friend, I splurged the $30 to finally see what Mint was all about. If you haven’t heard of it, Mint is a commercial statistics package with a pile of open-source plugins (called “Peppers” in Mint terminology). On my system, I have Peppers that display WordPress comments, downloads, most popular posts, and bandwidth. If you’re into podcasting, there are even Peppers for that. I’ve been using it for the past two […]