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Maid Day


Yes, it’s that time of month again, maid day. When I got sick with pneumonia in the fall my mom came and spent a few days with me and ended up cleaning my entire apartment. Being a busy, single guy, it was in a pretty sad state. My mom, being a constant worrier, implored me, for her sake, to get someone to help clean my apartment so it would be clean and I wouldn’t have to worry about getting sick at home. Since I’m sort of cheap (at least for things that don’t involve technology), but wanted to put my mom’s mind at ease, I made myself a compromise — I’d get a maid but cancel my cable TV to pay for it. So, that’s what I did, and I’ve had two girls come every two weeks and clean my apartment for me ever since. At first it felt weird […]

How To Be A Winner


Eight easy steps: 1. Toss and turn all night 2. Fall asleep at 5am 3. Get up at 9:30am and try to head to work 4. Call a cab, and tell him to take you to work 5. Pay cab driver. Drop money all over the cab and look dumb. 6. Exit cab and close door, making sure to slam your iPod touch in the door 7. Stand there looking at iPod touch drive away with cab driver, only to fall off a half block away 8. Pick up iPod touch on the concrete, now without headphones

Published Travel Photographer, Air Transat


Yup, I now have proof that yours truly is in fact a published travel photographer. What does that mean? That if you have a plane, a sandy beach, and maybe a few cute locals in bikinis waiting, I’d be more than happy to come help you out by shooting some photos. Air Transat’s In Flight Magazine, Atmosphere Air Transat sent me a few hard copies of their Atmosphere in-flight magazine, since I had only heard from a friend that some of my photos made it in. Sure enough, a few of my photos from the Dominican Republic are on pages 20-21 of the Winter edition of Atmosphere. Thanks for mailing it guys, I appreciate it. A couple of my photos on pages 20-21 Obviously I think it’s pretty cool, as this is really the first magazine type publication I’ve had photos in. I’d love to travel to more places and […]

Another Year Gone By


Well, that’s it folks — 2007 is basically all over. For me, it was undoubtedly one of the hardest years in my life. I have usually always been able to find the good in things that sometimes turn out bad, but this last year is one that for the most part I am happy to leave behind. That being said, I have lots of good memories from this last year. Rob’s wedding. Massey Hall show in Toronto. Crazy halloween eyeball smashing party. Las Vegas. The Dominican Republic. Drunk Camp. Finland. New friends. Old friends. Tomorrow night I’ll be bouncing around Toronto, and for the first time in quite a few years, will not be in Vancouver for New Year’s. It will be cool to close down the year in a different city, having a few beers with some good people. In terms of next year, I’m not really sure what […]

Who Are You Guys?


So, I’ve been meaning to ask this question for a long time. Yesterday I had a pile of traffic, thanks to a few inbound links from some massive sites. I broke into the thousands for unique visitors, which doesn’t happen that often in Duane-land. Given that only about ten people ever comment, I gotta ask, who are the rest of you guys? Nearly 50% of you are returning visitors every day, and yet you lurk in the shadows, thick as thieves I say. The lack of comments either means: I’m really boring YOU’RE really boring I’m pretty sure I am not boring all the time, which means it JUST MIGHT BE YOU! ๐Ÿ™‚ So, if you swing by and read this, drop a quick comment and say hi! Tell everyone where you’re from and what you want for Christmas. Don’t be shy. If you’ve commented before, say hi anyways and […]

The End Of A Very Long Day


Today was a long, dreary day. I didn’t get home until around 9:30pm, and barely had enough strength to pound back some left-over lasagna. I was really looking forward to sitting back and watching heroes tonight, but mininova was down and my internet connection turned out to be pretty flaky. Today was officially full of fail. I’ve not been feeling myself lately, and I don’t really know why. Maybe it’s the weather, maybe it’s because I’m still battling an infection, maybe it’s lots of things, but I find myself pretty bummed out the last few days. One thing that’s been bothering me lately is that I keep getting hammered from people about stupid things. I’ve gone out of my way a few times within the last few weeks to help people, only to eventually be flooded with emails asking why I didn’t do more, or why I focused on one […]

Duane The Minx


So everyone else is blogging this, so fuck it, I might as well too. My friend Raymi in Toronto has a very unique, and often copied, blog. So tonight, after getting a bit tipsy, I attempted to recreate some of her brilliance myself. The end result is a funny parody, complete with drunk dancing by myself. You can check it out at duanetheminx.com. Thanks to Keira for helping me put the header together. Clearly I need massive help.

Duanerism 1.0


Someone convinced me last time I was at the bar to start posting the best of my cell phone text messages to my flickr account. So without further ado. Yup, that’s a mistake I’m not likely to make again. If anyone has any wicked ones as well, let me know. Maybe we can start a cool Flickr group.