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Quick Drinking Entry


So tonight I felt like having a few drinks, so I pinged Rebecca online and asked if it was ok if I showed up with a bunch of booze. In pure Surrey girl fashion, she said “yeah sure.” I spent the night hanging out with Rebecca and John, laughing my ass off to Canadian Top Models and some Comedy Show on the TV. I don’t do simple things like that enough these days, and it’s always nice just to relax on someone else’s couch from time to time. While outside, we were privileged enough to see a weird naked girl […]

Photo of the Day


After talking it over with a few friends, I think I’ve finally decided to do a photo of the day on my blog. I plan on contributing a lot of my own photos to this, but I’m also calling on any readers to submit whatever photos they want and I’ll grab a few of those from time to time. If you are on flickr and want to join the group, you can find the group link here. For now, I’m going to include the photo of the day in my main blog stream as well, but I also created photooftheday.duanestorey.com […]