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First Item From The Garden


As I’m sitting here writing this, my face is covered in snot and I can barely feel my tongue or my lips. I just made what must be one of the hottest pico de gallo dishes in recorded history. You think it was hot outside there today in Vancouver? I’m pretty sure it was way hotter in that bowl of pico. One of my hot red peppers was ready tonight on my patio, as well as a few yellow banana peppers. I wasn’t really sure what to make for dinner, so I decided to have a light dinner of pico de gallo. I went to the store to pick up some lime, roma tomatoes, fresh cilantro, and some nacho chips. I’ve never made pico, but it wasn’t too difficult. In retrospect, I probably shouldn’t have put all three hot peppers into my pico, and should have instead used only one. […]