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Piggy Banks


I actually came home with the intention of writing two separate blog entries, but I’m so frickin tired that I’m only gonna be able to get this one out. This is a pretty crazy little time at work right now, and I’m on day two of a pretty hard two week push. Yesterday was a 12 hour day at work, and today was pretty close to 14. By Friday I’m definitely going to be ready for a few drinks (or maybe a long nap). Anyways. I was chatting wtih my brother-in-law on MSN earlier today, and he let me know that their house was broken into in Chilliwack this morning. The guys made away with most of the expensive electronics: two laptops, some random computer stuff, and a playstation portable (PSP). I’m sure they took more electronics (since Andy is a gadget-whore like myself), but those were the big highlights […]