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Buying Tickets


I’m getting close to the point where I’m thinking about buying my plane ticket. Unfortunately, I’m stuck trying to figure out what type of ticket to buy. It looks like most round trip tickets are only marginally more expensive than a one-way ticket, so it seems stupid to get a one-way ticket, even if I end up tossing the return ticket away. That said, it also seems strange booking a flight for a leg than I really have no idea if I’m going to use or even if I’ll want to come back at that point. I also haven’t completely decided if I want to come back to BC briefly after the first trip, or simply carry on to the next place for a while (which is tentatively Paris at this point). So I’m debating buying that leg up front as well. While I’ve seen last minute specials for the […]

I Gotta Say


This is pretty stupid. The US government sanctioned the flight of a low-flying 747 over New York city the other day. Obviously seeing a large commercial airliner flying low over New York City set a lot of people into a panic. For whatever reason, that flight was deemed somewhat classified so nobody could tell the people living in New York City about it. You can read more about it here.

On My Way


I currently just flew past Kelowna, and according to the in-seat GPS unit, am hurtling across BC at around 32000 feet. It was raining on the ground in Vancouver, but the sun is shining way up here amongst the clouds. Latest weather report from the cockpit says it’s -6C in Calgary (I should have packed some warmer clothes), so it’s going to be a slight adjustment when I land. I spent the last 15 minutes reading all the emails I’ve been sent from the Junos media committee (something I probably should have done a few days ago). It turns out there’s a lot more going on than I originally realized, and I think I’m going to be fairly busy in the next 72 hours. The press conference starts around noon today and will feature Russell Peters as well as a live performance or two. The event is sponsored by CTV, […]