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Entry #26 – Vancouver Lights


Years ago I came across a poem called “Vancouver Lights” that I really enjoyed. Since I’ve down a few Vancouver centric posts, I thought I would also bit a few bits of Vancouver literature up as well. So without further ado, here is “Vancouver Lights” by Earle Bidney: About me the night moonless wimples the mountains wraps ocean land air and mounting sucks at the stars The city throbbing below webs the sable peninsula The golden strands overleap the seajet by bridge and buoy vault the shears of the inlet climb the woods toward me falter and halt Across to […]

Vancouver Lights


Most people who know me nowadays would probably be a bit surprised to learn that I used to be a big literature buff, particularly with old english poetry. I guess it all started back around grade 10. I had done pretty well in school, and had been recommended to take advanced placement calculus and physics. Because of that, and of my high marks in english I guess, I was put on a list that recommended I be enrolled in a new AP Literature class at our school. So for kicks, I said “why not”? And to be honest, looking back, […]