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The Countdown Is On For Thailand


I just got back from a four day whirlwind trip to the Toronto area. That means I have another 4,000 miles of flying under my belt this year, putting my grand total somewhere around 50,000 miles since January I believe. The trip back to Vancouver was pretty rickety with turbulence, but I was working on my laptop which helped distract me from the fact that I was hurtling through the atmosphere in a big pressurized pop can. Thailand is fast approaching, and I’m down to only 18 days to get ready. While I’m looking forward to seeing a new country and meeting up with some friends, I can’t say that I’m terribly excited about the three day journey to get to Koh Samui. I think I leave Vancouver on Wednesday, August 31st in the afternoon, and end up in Koh Samui on Friday morning. All in all I think it’s […]

Preparing Your Car For Storage


For some reason, I initially thought I could simply turn my car off prior to leaving for my year long adventure and it would be completely fine when I returned. After talking to a few people though, it turns out that you really do need to take special precautions to make sure your car will actually be functioning if you leave it for any extended period of time. So if you’re looking to leave for more than a month or so, you should make sure you take the following precautions with your vehicle. What To Do Prior To Leaving Over-inflate your tires by approximately 5 PSI. This will help prevent the tires from flattening while you are away, which sometimes results in permanent deformation of the rubber. Do a complete oil change right before you leave. Fuel breaks down after about a month or so. If you leave the car […]

Seven Days Left


Getting down to the wire! Yesterday I was talking about my trip to some family members, and came to the realization that I’m only a week away from starting it. Truthfully, it’s starting to sink in now, and I find myself split between feeling excited and feeling a bit nervous. Excited, because I have a great opportunity to see some of the world and make some new friends along the way. Nervous, because I hate flying and challenging traveling situations. But, I’m approaching this whole trip with an open mind, so I’ll just roll with whatever punches come my way. I’ve said most of my goodbyes to friends already, and will wait until next weekend to say them to family members. I don’t really like goodbyes, so I’ll just roll with “see you guys soon”. In all likelihood I’ll be gone for a full year, but if a cheap flight […]