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Portland, One Week Away


I’m currently sitting in the Starbucks near my place, slowly hacking together what will eventually be my slideshow for WordCamp Portland. Truthfully, I’m a bit nervous about this presentation. While I’ve spoken at a few conferences here and there, most of my presentations were around the 20 – 30 minute mark. This time around, I have a full hour slot to fill, and crafting an hour-long presentation that doesn’t completely suck is a rather delicate procedure. I’ll be talking mostly about mobile blogging, both from a content producer and a content consumer perspective. The good news is that apparently there’s a big ice-cream pig out immediately preceding my presentation. I’m hoping that means everyone will be super happy and in a state of pure bliss. I’ll be driving down to Bellingham next Friday, and hoping on a plane. I have a slight lay-over in Seattle, finally reaching Portland just in […]

Three Dots


Ahh yes, the end of a long weekend. And not just any long weekend, the last long weekend of the summer. So long summer of 2009, it was nice to know you. My niece and nephew head back to school tomorrow, which is sort of exciting for them. I always liked going back to school for some reason. Maybe it was buying a whole new batch of school supplies, or seeing some of your friends again after a summer apart. Granted, after about a week I was sick of the new year, but that first week was usually fun. As for me, I took it pretty easy this weekend. I was originally supposed to go camping, but opted out of that at the last minute due to weather. Instead, I cleaned my apartment, moved a few things around, and ate most of my meals from the comfort of home. Tonight […]