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Blogathon Press Here In Chilliwack


Last week I had the chance to talk to Paul Henderson of the Chilliwack Times regarding Blogathon. We ended up talking about various other items, including Facebook and Twitter, and some of my thoughts about the stuff I was doing over at InTheWack.com (which I need to update a bit more frequently). Today the Chilliwack Times ran a story in the local paper, and it appears the online version is available here. Just a couple of clarification points: Last year Rebecca and I supported the Union Gospel Mission. This year she is supporting it (as well as others I’m sure). The caption in the photo seems to indicate all proceeds of Blogathon will be going to the Union Gospel Mission. That’s only the case for Bloggers that are supporting the UGM This year I’ll be supporting the BC Children’s Hospital, and I’m looking forward to helping the kids Blogathon starts […]