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Getting Art For Your Walls


My walls in my new place are still pretty bare, and that’s something I’ve been trying to fix lately. I went down to Ikea a few weeks ago a bought a pile of frames, but unfortunately finding anything to put in them has proved to be fairly difficult. The first problem is that I don’t really have great photo backups of shots I’ve taken. If I were smart, I would have been uploading everything to Flickr at full resolution so I could use that as my archive. Unfortunately, I haven’t done that, so most of my photo originals are scattered amongst various DVDs and directories. I’ve always found iPhoto and other photo tools to be pretty weak in the organization aspects, but am obviously interested in finding a better solution. The second problem is that most of my photos are framed for a 3:2 aspect ratio, and all my picture […]

Photography Website


I set up a small photography website over at photography.duanestorey.com a while ago. I think I’m going to over haul it this weekend and make it a bit better. I also want to get a domain name for it and make it a proper stand-alone site. If anyone has any ideas for a cool name for a photography site, fire me off an email. I’ve been trying to come up with west-coast oriented names, but so far no go. I’ll give a free 8×12 print and a blog entry on the new site for the person that picks the winner! Thanks!

Sorry for the delay, they are on their way


A few months ago I had an offer on my website to send a few people some free photo prints. Due to my hospitalization and recent health battles, I never got around to mailing any of them out. Thankfully, I found some time tonight to put a bunch of them together, and they will be going out in the mail. Unfortunately, not all the people who were supposed to receive one sent me their address, so I still have some to send out. If you were pretty sure you were receiving one, can you please fire me off an email with your address and which print you wanted? Thanks. Also, once these are all out of the way, I will be doing a contest for a one shot item, something that I think will be really nice. Check back next week.

Photography Site – Special Offer


As I mentioned yesterday, I have launched a photography website at photography.duanestorey.com. I’m going to give the first 20 people who link to it with a small write-up a free 8×12 of their choosing from the galleries. So, if you’re interested, do a quick blog entry and then post a comment here. Send me an email with which one you want and where you want it sent to, and I’ll take care of the rest. Thanks everyone. ** UPDATE – Thanks to everyone for linking. With the emails and comments here I’ve received, I’m pretty sure I have more than 20. So while I appreciate all incoming links should you choose to write about it, the original 20 photos are already allocated to people. Thanks everyone!

Own one yourself!


One of the first things I wanted to do after getting back from my vacation was to finally put together an online place for people to buy a few prints of some of my better shots. I’m not entirely sure I’ll make a dime, but lots of people have asked me if I sold some of my city shots, so now I can finally say that I do. If you want to check some of them out, you can check out photography.duanestorey.com. If you have a blog and want to help advertise, that would be awesome. I’ve put on some google adwords, so if anyone does a search for Vancouver specific photos, I should start coming up now. Since today was the first day I received a paycheck for taking photos, and also the day I’ve launched a site dedicated to selling prints, it’s obviously a pretty pivotal moment. Thanks […]