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Automated Beer Cooler


Almost ten years ago, I started playing around with some microprocessor hobby kits at home. At the time they main ones were called STAMPS and you programmed them with BASIC. You could make them run motors, measure temperature, pretty much whatever you wanted them to do. A few weeks ago I ran into my friend John, and he was telling me about a similar thing called the Arduino. It’s basically a small little microprocessor kit that has basic inputs and outputs that you can use to do arbitrary things. Given that I’m an electrical engineer by education and that I haven’t really done anything electrical in years, I thought it would be fun to try and build something small over the winter. So, I came up with a random idea involving an automated beer cooler. The idea would be to have a device that could cool a beer in a […]

Updated Content


Since I’m knee deep with reworking this big bitch, I’ve updated some of the content as well. Check out the new About Page, as well as a brand new Projects Page.