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Why I'm Not Getting An iPhone On July 11th


As everyone knows, Rogers announced their lackluster iPhone plans not that long ago, and were immediately criticized by most Canadian wireless customers as being far too expensive. In addition, the lack of an unlimited data plan, a feature that Bell and Telus have for some of their phones, is also fairly disappointing give the web-based nature of the device. In response to the data rates, RuinediPhone set up an online petition asking Rogers to change their data rates. Since going live nearly a week ago, they’ve amassed nearly 36,000 signatures, and have been featured on several mainstream news segments. John Biehler recently posted a great article on how Rogers may actually be starting to listen to these various complaints. The main wireless provider in Sweden also recently revised their iPhone data plans to include an unlimited data option, mostly to appease customer complaints. I actually don’t think Rogers will do […]