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Entry #45: Guest Post By Raul Pacheco


Duane invited me to guest post on an environmental topic, and since I had already been mulling over the question of privatization of water, I figured I’d do some quick research. Since this is an on-the-fly post and we are both exhausted after more than 22 hours worth of Blogathon, I am not going to do my usual super awesome in-depth research, and I’m just going to point you out to a quick reference page I found. The notion that water is a commodity kind of bugs me because I don’t think we can put an actual price on natural resources. Of course, there is the theory of payment for environmental services, but I am not going to go there right now because I am exhausted and my brain has completely shutdown. But if you think about it, one of the most contentious issues in Canada is that of water […]

Entry #15: Blogathon Update


It’s around 4am, and I’m drafting this post on the couch, glancing up occasionally to watch a bit of Dances With Wolves on Apple TV. I’m on entry #15, which means I have about 33 left to go. I am already faltering a bit with regards to content, which I think is more of a result of my lack of sleep rather than my imagination. I’m hoping to actually post an entry or two in advance and grab a wink or two if possible. Otherwise I’ll be forced to do nearly a 40 hour stretch without sleep, which I imagine will prove rather difficult come tomorrow night. John and Raul both left sometime ago, so I am basically sitting in the dark leaning over my iMac. It was rather nice having a bit of company, and made it that much easier to stay the course. Now that they’re gone, I […]

Entry #6: An Update From The Fort


First off, I’m going to put together a Blogathon-wide RSS feed so that people can follow what everyone is doing on blogathon without having to visit each site individually. You can subscribe to it by clicking here. Also, if you’re part of blogathon, please drop a comment and I’ll add you to the feed (I’m going to do my best to add everyone I know about), but given that time constraints of writing posts, it may take me a few hours. Raul and John at my place Raul and John are currently keeping me company at home. My laptop LCD broke a few days ago, so instead of committing myself to spending 24 hours at my computer desk in my room, I decided to haul my iMac out into the living room. In addition, Raul was having some major laptop LCD issues as well, so I pulled an old LCD […]