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It's Hotter than a %#%%# in Here


Jesus.. My apartment wasn’t made to survive the summer.. It’s currently 26C inside, and I’m sweating to death despite having all my windows and patio door open. I made the big mistake on Friday night of heading down to Bryght for a little party, and ending up drinking myself into a coma. I didn’t wake up until around 3pm the next day, which is surprising considering how hot it was inside.. I guess all one can really do in this heat is crack a few beers, kick your feet up, blare some music and take it all in stride.. Last night at around midnight, while in the middle of watching a pretty cool movie, the power went off in the building. As the last of the gadgets in my living room stopped beeping and whirring, I suddenly remembered a memo I received under my door a few days prior about […]