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I realized this morning that I haven’t really written a blog entry in quite a few days. Truth is, I’ve just been feeling a little under the weather with the surgery and everything. I’m definitely healing, even though my face is a weird shade of yellow now. I don’t really feel that much pain since the left side of my face is still completely numb, but my eye socket hurts from time to time. The last few days I’ve woken up in the morning with extremely itchy eyes, and have spent the better part of 20 minutes just trying to get them to stop watering. I’m not sure what causes that (probably the body’s natural response to suddenly having a foreign body implanted in it). The drugs are keeping me rather level, although I don’t really have any mental capacity right now (I tend to drift in and out of […]



So tonight John and Rebecca stopped by for some moral support, and we spent the night hanging out, eating BBQ food, watching Trailer Park Boys, listening to music, and of course, having some drinks. It was a really awesome night, and I laughed enough that my face really, really hurts now. I’m definitely chewing two T3’s before bed. I’ll be spending the rest of the weekend close to home, watching movies and hopefully relaxing.