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Speedlite Fall Down, Go Boom


About a month ago I was in my room moving some stuff around when I heard a big thump. Looking down, my SLR had taken a small dive off of my bed and landed directly on my Flash unit. Unfortunately, being that the mount is this flimsy plastic thing, it immediately snapped, rendering the 430EX Flash pretty much useless. I spent a little time investigating whether or not it may be fixable. Not only is it fixable, but it can be done at home for relatively cheap. The first step is to order the part online. I actually found a store in San Diego that carries all the Canon parts. Here’s a whole section dedicated to replacement parts for Canon flashes. I ordered the replacement hot shoe for the Canon 430EX, which comes to around $15 USD, including shipping. I also found this video regarding a repair of the 530EX, […]

Moment Of Truth


On Wednesday, I’ll get to meet Dr. Peter Dolman, who is one of the best ocuplastics surgeons in the country. I’ve been on the wait list for about three months now, and I really have no idea what to expect to be honest. I went to the extra trouble to try and make sure my CT and MRI scans were there waiting for him, but I suspect that somehow they will have been lost come Wednesday, and we’ll have nothing to talk about. Truth is, I really don’t know what the end result will be. Tonight I told some friends that it’s really a lose-lose at this point, which is true from my perspective. Option one is to cut my face open again, pull out the plastic, and reconstruct my orbital floor with titanium. There’s obvious risk to that surgery, as well as about six weeks of recovery to go […]

New LCD For My Macbook Pro


My new LCD arrived via FedEx this morning. I picked it up on the way to work, along with a Torx screwdriver to remove some of the internal pieces. I decided to take a stab at fixing it when I arrived, but it turns out it was far more involved than I thought. I ended up having to disassemble the entire keyboard portion of the Macbook Pro. Afterwards, I had to disconnect the antenna for the wireless card, as well as the inverter for the monitor. Then, the data cable for the LCD came off, and finally the entire top portion that contains the screen. At that point I was basically half-way. I then had to disassemble the entire upper portion, removing the iSight connection, the inverter, the data cables, and the grounding strip (which is basically big taped on copper strip) that allows the antenna to work. After that, […]

Broken Dryer


My dryer at home basically stopped working a few weeks ago, so I’ve been rotating ever-so-slowly through my wardrobe. My landlord was going to come by and take a look at it, but I don’t think he’s been feeling very well lately. So anyways, considering I’m out of clean clothes and I’m out of clean sheets, I decided to take care of it today. So I’m working from home, waiting for a repair guy to come by and fix it up. While I’m at it, I’m going to rant about people who play the lottery. I got no problem that you want to play 6-49 all day, but please make some decisions before you get to the counter. It seems like all I do lately is wait for people to decide whether or not they want the Extra, as if it was some monumental decision that will affect their future […]

Laptop Update


I know everyone is absolutely dying to know the current state of my laptop, so here’s an update. I called down this afternoon and they said the LCD is toast on it which is why I’ve probably been having a pile of problems with sleep and things of that nature. A new one has been ordered and hopefully I can pick it up in a few days. It will be weird having a laptop again as I’ve gotten fairly used to using my desktop machine at home now. Also, I’m going to do a blog entry tonight on the end of Heroes season two. Should be awesomely nerdy.