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Long Weekend


Other than the two days I spent down in Oregon a while ago, I really haven’t taken any time off this summer. Truthfully, I’m a bit bagged to be honest. We had a couple big projects on the go there, and thankfully they’re pretty much done at this point. I’ll be doing up a posting on BraveNewCode next week talking a bit about some of the recent things we’ve been involved in. In the meantime though I’m shutting everything off that beeps or glows and going to enjoy this weekend reading books and watching movies. Anything that doesn’t involve typing.

The Joy Of Sleep


Lately I’ve actually been sleeping fairly well, given how much trouble I have routinely had in the past. I’ve been trying to keep a fairly consistent schedule these days, going to bed sometime around midnight, and trying to be up around 8am or so. There’s a period of time between about 7 and 8 in the morning that is pure bliss these days, where I just kind of fade in and out of sleep and stretch periodically. Now that it’s a bit colder, my heater is on slightly, so my room is nice and toasty at the point. Plus, it’s […]



Sorry for the lack of entries around here. I’ve been meaning to write something, but whenever I find a few minutes worth of time, nothing really comes to mind. First, I’m on day three of new antibiotics. Good news is that I feel a lot better again, which is a big relief and a really good sign in terms of outcome. Unfortunately, because the dosage is a bit larger, I’m finding that some of the side effects, namely headaches, are a bit worse as well. Also, I find myself extremely tired. The last few nights I’ve come home with the […]