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Buying Tickets


I’m getting close to the point where I’m thinking about buying my plane ticket. Unfortunately, I’m stuck trying to figure out what type of ticket to buy. It looks like most round trip tickets are only marginally more expensive than a one-way ticket, so it seems stupid to get a one-way ticket, even if I end up tossing the return ticket away. That said, it also seems strange booking a flight for a leg than I really have no idea if I’m going to use or even if I’ll want to come back at that point. I also haven’t completely decided if I want to come back to BC briefly after the first trip, or simply carry on to the next place for a while (which is tentatively Paris at this point). So I’m debating buying that leg up front as well. While I’ve seen last minute specials for the […]

My Taxes Are Done!


I got a call from the accountant this morning, and she said my taxes were all done. I just had to swing by and sign some forms and they would be e-filed. Before I gave her my taxes, I did a quick trial run myself, just to see what the difference would be. If I were to have filed them, I would have gotten back around $600. Having her do it (and properly take into account all my camera gear), I get about $1800 back. Her fee for doing my taxes was about $160, so that means my net return is $1640, or about $1000 more than I would have gotten had I done them myself. Not bad.