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Server Beach Dedicated Hosting


About a year ago, I decided to slowly migrate away from Media Temple and move to something a bit better. Truthfully, Media Temple’s service was one of the worst I’ve experienced, especially since it’s priced at more than double what comparable packages are charging. I still think there’s lots of promise with their grid service, but I don’t think their paying cliental should be used as guinea pigs on technology. Unfortunately, I never completely got away from Media Temple, mainly because I have a few things there that need to be moved carefully, and I just haven’t had the inclination to do it. But I’m hoping to shut it down completely in a few weeks and stop paying that $20/month. For the last year or so I’ve been hosting a few sites at Rimu hosting, which is a company that specializes in VPS systems. The VPS market is a bit […]

Rimu Hosting Update


So I’ve had my website on Rimu for over a week now, and so far things are going quite well. I’ve actually had a few support requests in with them, mostly trivial items, and they’ve answered everything in about 30 minutes, which is great. The one thing I’ve found out is that their base plan (which only included 160 MB of memory) just isn’t powerful enough to run more than a small WordPress site. I spent a bunch of time reducing the memory requirements of Apache and MySQL, but my efforts just weren’t successful. Every once and a while an application would crash with a kernel out of memory warning which would basically render the site inoperable. The guys at Rimu actually tried to help me make it all work, but they basically recommended upgrading the virtual server, as Apache is pretty much a memory hog. Thankfully Rimu allows you […]