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WestJet Website Issues


So, I love WestJet as an airline. They are fun, funky, relatively cheap, and they fly out of Abbotsford, which is a way better location for me than Vancouver International Airport. That being said, their website doesn’t support Safari on the Mac (possibly just Safari 4), which I think in this day and age provides a pretty poor user experience. Here’s the notification you get when you fire up your browser: First, I’m glad WestJet supports an ancient browser like IE, but given what a forward thinking company WestJet is, I’d really like to see support for some more modern browsers such as Safari. If they don’t support Safari, that also probably means they don’t support Mobile Safari, which seems to be a pretty poor decision for a demographic that’s always on the move. Also, please, for the love of god, don’t recommend that people upgrade to IE 6. We’re […]

CSS3 Web Fonts


I started messing around with some CSS3 stuff the other day and managed to add a web font to my site. As you can see, the title of every post is now rendered using a non web-safe font (at least if your browser supports CSS3 – right now I believe only Safari does). It’s a bit premature, as many browsers do not support them, but I thought I’d start figuring out the tricks of tomorrow’s trades. It’s just a bit of CSS magic, along with a true-type font on the server. The browser downloads the TTF and renders the titles using that font. I think it’s a pretty cool new feature, and I am looking forward to when web-fonts are part of a ubiquitous surfing experience. ** On another note, I have to drop my car off at the body shop tomorrow to get the damage to my door repaired. […]

Safari 3.0, Leopard and GMail


For all of you people who upgraded to Leopard and are using GMail, you have have noticed a few weird things going on. For me, my contacts no longer auto complete properly, and periodically all the javascript in gmail stops working. I’ve checked a lot of newsgroups and many people are having the same problems. Apparently gmail has tried moving to a newer version that isn’t really compatible with Safari 3.0 yet. The solution is to just go up to the top right in gmail and click “old version”, which will roll back your GMail version to one that does work with Safari. You’re welcome 🙂

Vacation Entry 14 – Last day


This is, unfortunately, my last full day at the resort. Tomorrow I get to wake up, pack my bags, and start the long journey back to Vancouver. While this place is really pretty amazing, I always get a bit excited whenever I get on a plane that’s heading for home. I get into Montreal tomorrow evening, and will be staying overnight in a nice hotel near the airport. While the rooms here are fairly nice, the beds are unanimously hard and I haven’t had the best sleeps. Hopefully the bed in the Hilton is nice and soft so I can get a really great sleep tomorrow night. I was originally going to have to get to Ottawa (by plane or bus or something) on Monday for a 4pm flight, and then have a three hour layover in Toronto. That would have put me at my place in Vancouver at around […]

Vacation Entry 13 – Safari Adventure in Puerto Plata


To be honest, I’m not such a big fan of pre-arranged adventures at resorts. I’ve been on a few, and most of them are pretty basic and you kind of feel like it wasn’t money well spent. However, I heard a lot of good things about the safari adventure, so I decided to check it out for the low price of $60 USD. We left the resort at 9am, and proceeded to head into the lush Dominican Countryside. It was absolutely gorgeous, full of rolling hills, lush green vegetation, and a ton of friendly Dominican people. The safari jeep was loaded to the brim of soft drinks and booze, and nobody had an empty glass the entire time. I have spent most of my time here stuck by the pool, which is nice for a few days, but to actually hit the road and actually get to see some of […]