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The iPad Will Change How I Go To The Bathroom


It’s true. Sure, it might not have flash, and it might not come with 3G by default. But really, do any of those things matter when you’re sitting on the porcelain god? I think not. Obviously a laptop is too big to take into the can. Well, at least I hope nobody is taking the laptop into the can (Dan Lilly, that means you buddy). That leaves the iPhone or the iPad. iPhone works decent, but really, there are usually a variety of pads in the can, so might as well add one more. It’s pretty easy to use the iPhone with one hand while grabbing some TP with the other. I imagine one will have to come up with a new posture such that the iPad is resting on a knee or something, but I’m sure it’ll probably make the whole bathroom experience that much better. I mean, I […]

Life Is What You Make It


You know, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately. I really have no idea where I’m going to end up career wise, but one of the things I’ve thought about in the last few years is becoming a real-estate agent. Sure, it’s not something I’d probably enjoy, but I think I could handle the truck loads of money. It’s not something I’ll probably ever do (as I have my own plans), but there’s something to be said for a job outside of the technology sector where you can set your own hours and fill your bank account up with rich people’s cash. I mean, let’s be honest – how hard is it really to sell a house in this city? It seems like there are million dollar homes going left and right, and I’m stuck on the sideline renting like a sucker. I mean, you take some clients to […]