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Traveller Profile: Scott Hadfield


If there is one person in particular who has inspired my travels to date, it would be Scott Hadfield. Scott discovered he had the ability to work remotely years ago, and left to go explore the world while still working for a North American company. He would show up in Vancouver from time to time, but mostly he was working remotely in Buenos Aires or South Africa. I was recently planning a trip to New Zealand for the fall when Scott and his wife Samantha informed me they were going to be having a three month party in Thailand. A party? Without me? Not gonna happen. So I bought a flight and will heading down on August 31st to crash it. So without further ado, here are some wise words from one of my traveling mentors, Scott Hadfield: Tell everyone a bit about yourself – what you do for work, […]

Wow, A Photo Of Me


Yes, they are rare. I’m usually the guy with the camera. But looks like someone managed to snap a photo of me the last time I crawled away from the computer and into the light. There are lots of people in the photo, and I’m sure I’ll miss some names. But from left to right are Alexa Booth, Scott Hadfield, Rebecca Holt, Ariane, Boris Mann, Matt Mullenweg, (up top now) Phillip Jeffrey, Jessica Mah and me. This was the day after Northern Voice down at Havana on the Drive. Photo By Phillip’s camera.

Post-Blogging Photowalk Through The City


Today was a good day. I woke up this morning fully refreshed thanks to the 10 or 11 hours of sleep I got last night. I basically had no plans upon waking up, but found a message on my cell phone this morning from Boris saying that people were meeting up on commercial drive for some brunch. Scott Hadfield and Matt Mullenweg I hopped in the car and headed down to Havanas on the Drive, which is a pretty funky restaurant/gallery that I’ve heard good things about. There I met up with about twelve or so people, most of which attended Northern Voice. Matt Mullenweg (now with a +1 from here for his battle against the dancing dude) also swung by for some brunch, and to take his Nikon DSLR for a spin in our city. Boris Mann We spent the remainder of the afternoon walking around the city, taking […]