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Heroes Season Two Finale


WARNING – MAJOR SPOILER ALERT: I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – you can’t have a show based on heroes that are near invincible. You just can’t. Heroes have to be flawed, or have some element that makes them weak, otherwise there’s really nothing for an audience to identify with. Peter is the prime example – he’s really unstoppable, and while I used to get excited seeing him onscreen, now he just takes up screen time, mostly with a bunch of whiny morality. The only person who can really challenge him is Sylar, and for whatever reason that left him without any power at all for *the entire season*. Not really a bright decision. And his girlfriend, now stuck in the future? Seriously dude, I don’t know much about chicks, but you should probably go and get her. I imagine by now she’s pretty pissed off, which […]