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The Unibrow


As yes, it’s the subject most guys choose not to talk about. But it’s real, and yes, I unfortunately have a bit of one due to shitty genetics. If you’re like me and of somewhat European descent you most likely have two eyebrows that like to be together more than they do apart. And that’s fine. Don’t be sad. First, you’re a prime candidate to back Bert and Ernie up on TV. Second, whenever everyone else out there has a cold forehead, you’ll be nice and warm. The first part of recovery is admitting there’s a problem. From there, here are your options. The Shave This is the course of action most guys opt for once they realize they have a monkey growing out of their head. All you need to do is take your straight razor and start plowing fields up around your eyebrows. It works surprisingly well, and […]

The Idiocy Of Men's Razors


I went to the store last night to pick up a new razor for my face. Unfortunately, I have rather coarse facial hair, so the typically blade for me lasts 3 or 4 shaves, and then I have to toss it out. Given that a razor and a set of four blades costs around $12 – $14, that means I’m paying at least $1 a shave, which kind of sucks. I went in last night originally to buy a set of new blades for my Mach whatever razor. Unfortunately, since blades are big money I guess, they keep those under lock and key, which means you basically have to flag down someone and get them to open it. I wasn’t really in the mood, so I bought a new razor (which is basically the same price), and headed towards the door. In the old days, men didn’t shave using these […]