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Stupid Canada Post


Mailed another package. It was supposed to be there in two days. Of course, it’s the end of day two and it’s not there. Surprise, surprise. Stupid thing isn’t even supposed to be in Missassauga, it should be in Toronto. I hate you Canada Post. Hate you bad. Next time I’m using FedEx or UPS.

Canada Post's "Real-Time" Tracking


I currently have a package en-route to Toronto, and have been trying to locate where it is. I sent it priority courier with Canada Post, since that was the simplest option. Surprisingly, their “real-time” tracking number isn’t real-time at all, and basically has a 24 hour lag to it. So in the case of an over-night delivery (which I paid extra for), nobody will be able to locate the package until a day after it should have been delivered. I just got off the phone from a lady at Canada Post, and her questions were the real-world equilalent of “is your computer on?” type tech questions. She asked if the recipient had a door that the package could be dropped off at, and if the buzzer worked there. I was like, “yeah I assume so, where’s the package?” Of course, they have no idea, and won’t know until tomorrow when […]