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The Incredibly Shrinking West Coast


Right before I left on my big adventure, almost everyone in my family was talking about going on a New Year’s diet. Years ago I was having trouble dropping a bit of weight, so I tried the Atkin’s diet when it was all the rage, and lost so much weight that it wasn’t even funny. Since that time I’ve studied up on why low carb diets work and have to come the one conclusion that refined carbohydrates are pretty evil. So while I’m not as lean and fit as I once was, I try to stay away from anything that causes big spikes in blood sugar and insulin, such as sugars, starches, flours, etc. My mom started a diet in January, and as of last night she’s down around 10 lbs. My brother in law started a low carb diet, and he’s down around 14 lbs since January. My sister […]