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Fujifilm Finepix X100


Matt Trentacoste was talking about this bad boy on Twitter the other day, and I’ve been passively thinking about it ever since. In short Fujifilm is releasing a compact camera that has some high-end image specifications. I suspect you’re going to see more and more of this going forward. While SLRs are great, they are a big and bulky and hard to carry around. If you could get comparable image quality out of a smaller camera, it would be a game changer for the professional camera market. So before you read too much more, check out the official site for the Finepix X100. What I like About This Camera Here’s a quick list of what turns me on about this camera: It has a fast f/2.0 aperture which is great for most shooting scenarios The retro look of the case is pretty hot It looks like you adjust the aperture […]

Camera Gear To Take Traveling


There was a time when I had over $6,000 worth of camera gear sitting in my computer room. I love photography, and having a whole kit full of professional lens is great to have, but it’s not really very practical to lug that much gear around, especially if you’re trying to travel light. I’ve spent a lot of time over these last few months thinking about what type of camera gear to bring. My first plan was to simply take along a high-end point and shoot camera and make due with that. Given that my old Canon Digital Elph was dying, I went out and bought one of the nicest compact cameras I could find: the Canon PowerShot S90 The Canon S90 was definitely one of the nicest cameras I saw when I was out looking. It sports a 10MP digital sensor and can handle an ISO of up to […]

Ilford XP2 Film Shots


I got my first roll back of Ilford XP2 back from development. My overall impression of it is pretty good – the grain is pretty light for ISO 400 (at least my memory of what ISO 400 was). It’s not as contrasty as I normally like, and I bumped the contrast up slightly before posting them, but it’s not that bad. The dynamic range is pretty decent, and the only shots that it struggled with were taken outside in the sun. All in all, I’m impressed enough that I’ll give it another go. Kris Krug snapped a few of these, so check out the actual flickr site for more info.

Shooting Film


Today after work I dropped off my first roll of film to be developed. It was a 36 shot roll of Ilford XP2, and it’s probably the only black and white roll I’ve ever shot in my entire life, now that I think about it. The neat thing about this roll is that you can develop it in C41 chemistry (used for colour print film), which means you can basically get it developed anywhere in the city for next to nothing. I also have a few rolls of pure black and white to shoot, so I think it will be a useful comparison. I asked the ladies down at Custom Colour if the XP2 was noticeably different than the pure black and whites, and they both unanimously agreed that they were extremely similar. I’m pretty sure at least 10 of the 36 shots are going to be completely ruined since […]

From Digital Back to Film


Tonight I did something that I’ve been thinking of doing for a few weeks now — I picked up a film SLR body so that I could once again shoot film. And to even write that statement down now seems a bit weird, since I left the world of film years ago, thinking I would never ever shoot a roll of film again in my life. However, a lot of friends of mine who are into photography have started dabbling once again in the forbidden art, and it has caused me to take it seriously once again. I have no idea if it will last long with me, but it’s definitely cool enough to keep me entertained for a few months I think. I met a guy down near London drugs today after work and paid him $150 for his film SLR body. This is basically one of the last […]

Cross-Processing And The World Of Film


So, I gotta hand it to my pal Kris — he’s managed to get me interested in something I never thought I’d be interested in again — film photography. Kris is a really awesome fashion photographer here in Vancouver, and his stuff never ceases to amaze me. What’s interesting about Kris, and a variety of the local photographers I’ve met recently, is that they have started shooting film again. Which is sort of surprising, given the focus local photography shops seem to place on digital nowadays (I called several local stores recently to talk about film, and most of them didn’t even have film cameras in stock anymore). So, since I’m intrigued by this, I’ve been in the market for a cheap film SLR that will be able to utilize all the current lenses I have in my kit. Since most of my lenses are pretty decent now, and the […]