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SMS Alternatives For the iPhone: Kik, Pingchat, WhatsApp and iMessage


While SMS is great when you have a package that includes unlimited SMS messages, it can be extremely expensive to either send or receive international SMS messages, often to the tune of $2/message. Here are a few alternatives that are available for the iPhone to help reduce costs. Kik Messenger A few days ago, my friend John recommended that I grab a copy of the Kik Messenger application on the iPhone. Kik is an SMS-like application that allows you to have real time text chats with your friends over data or WiFi. Because it supports push notifications, it’s as real-time […]

Duanerism 1.0


Someone convinced me last time I was at the bar to start posting the best of my cell phone text messages to my flickr account. So without further ado. Yup, that’s a mistake I’m not likely to make again. If anyone has any wicked ones as well, let me know. Maybe we can start a cool Flickr group.