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Portland, One Week Away


I’m currently sitting in the Starbucks near my place, slowly hacking together what will eventually be my slideshow for WordCamp Portland. Truthfully, I’m a bit nervous about this presentation. While I’ve spoken at a few conferences here and there, most of my presentations were around the 20 – 30 minute mark. This time around, I have a full hour slot to fill, and crafting an hour-long presentation that doesn’t completely suck is a rather delicate procedure. I’ll be talking mostly about mobile blogging, both from a content producer and a content consumer perspective. The good news is that apparently there’s a big ice-cream pig out immediately preceding my presentation. I’m hoping that means everyone will be super happy and in a state of pure bliss. I’ll be driving down to Bellingham next Friday, and hoping on a plane. I have a slight lay-over in Seattle, finally reaching Portland just in […]

WordCamp Vancouver Wrap-Up


Last night was Vancouver’s first ever WordCamp down at the Network Hub downtown. I got there about 15 minutes early, and was fairly amazed that it was already standing (or sitting, if you will) room only. There were so many people in fact, that they wrapped around the edges into locations where you couldn’t even see the projector. Clearly Vancouver has a very large and supportive WordPress community. Photo by John Biehler The open-source community in Vancouver is pretty amazing. Whenever I travel and tell others this, they are always suspect, like it would somehow be impossible for our little corner of the world to have any talent or innovation. And yet, I’m constantly amazed at the level of depth, the passion, and the good nature of most people in the Vancouver blogging community. A big thanks to the Network Hub and Tazzu for organizing the whole event, and for […]

Venezuela Bound?


I got an email this morning asking if I’d like to speak at a university technology conference in Venezuela in May. All expenses would be paid for. Caracas, Venezuela, photo by josemazcona Fun party in Caracas, photo my rmendez Hell yah baby. Hell yah. I just have to come up with something to talk about. Maybe I’ll talk about the cute group of women pictured above.