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Campbell’s Speech About The HST


I didn’t see it live, but I read the highlights, and it’s pretty much exactly what I thought it would sound like. Whenever I see Gordon Campbell talk, I can’t help me feel that he’s talking down to everyone, and that’s the perception I was left with after reading his speech. First, he apologized for not giving the province a heads up about the HST, but Ottawa didn’t give him enough time. If that doesn’t sound like the biggest copout ever, I don’t know what would. Even if that’s true, you gotta wonder about any deal that’s shoved down your throat with a ticking stopwatch attached to it. Second, while I like having more money in my pocket, I’ve never really understood why politicians give tax breaks when they are running big deficits. While, I guess I do understand, it’s obviously political. But ultimately it just puts the province further […]