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Ushuaia Bound


While I technically am leaving for Ushuaia in two days, for all intents and purposes (due to the early nature of my flight), I basically leave tomorrow evening. I’m excited about Ushuaia for lots of reasons. First, the weather is a lot colder down there compared to Buenos Aires. The high on Thursday is 9C, and the low is 6C. That’s almost what the weather is like back home in Vancouver as well. While a lot of people like really hot climates, I’m not really one of them. I would rather be too cold than too hot – you can always put another shirt on, but if you’re already sweating and not wearing a shirt there’s not much you can do. Second, St. Patrick’s Day. Ushuaia has bragging rights on having the southern most Irish pub in the world. Since I arrive on St. Patties Day, I’m eventually going to […]