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Lines Composed A Few Miles Above Starbucks


Well, maybe not *above*, but at least *at* Starbucks. Feels weird being back into the groove again to be honest. I have never been on a two week vacation before, and it’s strange coming back again and trying to fire the engines up again, especially when the engines have been soaked in beer for two weeks. I’m down at my local Starbucks in Vedder Crossing here trying to get everything in order so that I can hit everything hard again starting tomorrow. I started the evening with 400 messages in my inbox, and am down to around 15 now, which is a nice improvement. Once my inbox gets past about 50 messages, I start losing track of things I’ve replied to, so I like having it down to a more manageable level. Dale and I planned out a six month strategy for BraveNewCode over the holidays, and tomorrow we’re going […]