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Homeward Bound


I’ve decided to head back home for the weekend. I haven’t been back to Chilliwack since Christmas time, so I figure I’m long overdue. A whole whack of conferences start soon, and I’m going to by fairly swamped up until mid April. So, I’m going to grab a book and curl up on the couch back home this weekend to relax a bit. Also, for those of you that have been patiently waiting for more information about what was previously called “Startup Weekend Vancouver” or “Beer Camp” — the wait is nearly over. Stand by for the unveiling of the website along with more information.

StartupWeekend Vancouver


I have, for the last few years, had an idea about something I’ve wanted to do involving technology. I was talking to Boris about this a while ago, and I’m pretty certain this actually has a real name and has been done many times before in various cities. But for now, I’m just going to describe what would happen, and we’ll decide an official name later (until of course Boris wakes up in whatever country he is in and chimes in). The idea is that over the course of one full weekend (that is, starting Friday at 7pm until Sunday at midnight) you get a team of people together to develop a product/service/technology completely from scratch. In my head I am thinking that it would be basically a weekend-long sleepover involving donated beer, good people, music, and tons of know how on various aspects of the web world and technology. […]