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Entry #49 – The End


Well, thus ends Blogathon 2009 – it was quite the adventure, one that I’m glad I was a part of again. The official Blogathon website shows approximately $40,000 raised for the various charities this weekend, which is totally awesome. Of that amount, approximately $1,250 was raised by the content on this blog, and by the people who supported my efforts and the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation. So once again, you guys all have my sincerest thanks. But while the donations and money are obviously appreciated, this event is about more than money. It’s about a group of people banding together to make a difference. And for that, every blog or person that was a part of blogathon helped make a difference. So with that, I bid you all adieu. I’m packing up, grabbing a cab, and hopefully spending the better part of the afternoon sleeping. Thanks again everyone.

Blogathon 2008 Starting Tonight At 10pm


Thanks to everyone who has pledged so far. I’m currently up to $140, which will ultimately go to the Union Gospel Mission. I’d like to hit at least $1000, so if you want to sponsor, please head on over and contribute. I’ll keep everyone updated during the event. You can also subscribe to the RSS feed for my blogathon posts. Tonight at 10pm I start blogathon, a 24 hour blogging marathon that will hopefully bring some exposure to the charity of my choice, the United Gospel Mission. The Union Gospel Mission is a charity in Vancouver that helps people in need: Union Gospel Mission has been providing hope for the hungry, hurting and homeless since 1940. With 12 facilities placed between downtown Vancouver and the city of Mission, UGM is ideally positioned to help those who need it the most. Employing a full-time staff of approximately 130 and relying on […]

Blogathon Vancouver


Last year my good pal Rebecca stayed up for 24 hours straight and participated in an event called “Blogathon”. For a full day, Rebecca did a blog post every 30 minutes, hoping to inspire people and bring visibility to a charity of her choosing. This year I’ve decided to participate in Blogathon, which this year is sponsored by Miss604.com. I’m going to be supporting the Union Gospel Mission, which ultimately lends help to those less fortunate in Vancouver. Rebecca is also supporting them, so hopefully between the two of us (and possibly a few others) we’ll be able to raise some money to help out some of the less fortunate individuals in our fair city. I’ll be revamping my site slightly to draw attention to Blogathon as it happens, but make sure you check back often while it’s going on. I’m going to be doing the sunshine shift, which means […]