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60 Million Page Views And Counting


Wow, it’s only Tuesday, and already we’ve had quite the week so far at BraveNewCode. Yesterday we pulled the curtain back on a brand new Vision Critical site. Vision Critical was recently announced as the fastest growing company in British Columbia, and it was a lot of fun working with that team. Today Dale and I woke up and starting seeing some press about the new mobile versions on WordPress.com. WordPress.com is the free, hosted version of the WordPress platform, and currently has around 5 million blogs or so on it I believe. As of today, the iPhone plugin for WordPress that Dale and I created, WPtouch, is now live on WordPress.com, and is the default theme for all users viewing the site on an iPhone. That means roughly 60 million page views a month on WordPress.com will feature WPtouch. That’s obviously super cool, and we’re pretty excited about it. […]

Viper Cache Alpha Reviewed


Well, this is interesting. I gave a few individuals an alpha version of the Viper Cache plugin I’ve been working on. It has just been reviewed on Anieto2k, one of the largest plugin sites. The author compared it against all the WordPress plugins available today for caching. The full write-up is available here. The article looks like it is in Spanish so you’ll just have to settle for the pictures. Based on a few guesses in the translation, it looks like Viper Cache is the lowest in memory out of all four, and allows around 1330 pages per second on the test machine compared to the second place runner up of Super-Cache at around 300 pages per second. I also want to point out that I seriously doubt their test takes into account (only because such a test doesn’t immediately come to my mind either) cache hits that are only […]

Testing the waters


Tonight I had the unusual desire to spend some time working on my blog. The last theme that was up was 100% written by me entirely from scratch. And while I really liked it when it went up, I’ve grown a bit tired of it. So for now, I’m using the Balance theme from the internet. It has a lot of cool Ajax features, and even supports Gravatars in the blog comments. If you don’t have a gravatar, I suggest you head on over and get one. So instead of reinventing the wheel with my own theme, I think my current plan is to spend some time extending this one with some of the cool features I’ve been thinking of. Also, this theme seems to have broken support of the Crossroads plugin, so I have to do some work on that and get it working again. If you have any […]