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Houses and Homes


One on the aspects of vacation that I always enjoy is getting time to reflect on things without the noise of the real world interfering. A couple of times I sat by the pool, staring through my book and thinking about things back home, about the last year, about my life, about the future. It’s really hard to believe that it’s been nearly a year since I packed up my things in Vancouver and headed back to Chilliwack. I spent eight out of the last fourteen years in university. While I had some really great times back in school, and met some really great friends, most of those eight years were spent doing late nights in dorm rooms, pretending my little house was really a little home. And despite being out of school for about four years now, part of me continues to live like a student for some weird […]

Random Thoughts From Home


Some days I wake up and still find it a bit weird that I’m back in my home town. I’m totally enjoying myself here, more so with each passing month, but certain aspects of being here are still strange to me. High school literally feels like yesterday to me, probably because I spent so much of my 20s in school, but when I think back to high school here, I have a hard time putting all the pieces together. For example, I went by my old house I lived in when I was 17. Strangely enough, I couldn’t remember how I got to school in the mornings. I’m pretty sure I walked to school, and I’m pretty sure I met my friend Landy on the way, but I really couldn’t say what route we took or where we met in the mornings. It’s hard to believe that it’s been about […]