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Five Months Without C++


I spent the last five years pretty much exclusively coding in C++. Strangely enough, I haven’t really touched a C++ compiler since leaving Vancouver, and instead have been pretty much coding non-stop in PHP. Obviously C++ is a compiled language, and PHP is an interpreted one. In terms of enjoyment, I think I like the challenge of coming up with cool C++ code, but without a doubt, PHP is far more enjoyable overall. The main reason, at least for me, is because I can write some code and instantly see the results of that code in PHP. With C++, you have to compile your code, and even with incremental linking, it can take you a while before you can actually execute your program. The last C++ code base I worked on was probably on the order of 400,000 lines of code, and made use of about 10 third party libraries. […]