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The Travel Bug


When many people think of traveling, their thoughts often gravitate towards all inclusive trips, usually containing a beach, a buffet, and a week escape from the daily grind. In North America especially, those pre-packaged vacations are generally the only options for people to take, since their vacations are often only a week or two long in duration. But world travel isn’t just about the places you go; it’s also about the physical and personal journeys that it takes to get there and the growth that often occurs along the way. It involves mishaps, missteps, and a natural learning process that takes someone from humility, to perseverance, to understanding, and beyond. Planes, cars, airports, and busses are important, but they are simply the secondary characters in a larger play – they help advance the plot, but they aren’t the story. When I went to Argentina earlier this year, I purposefully wanted […]

The 4-Hour Workweek Book Review

Book Reviews

About a year ago I picked up The 4-Hour Workweek, a book by Tim Ferris. I actually saw Tim give a presentation at WordCamp San Francisco last year, but never got a chance to talk to him. There are a few main concepts in the 4-Hour Workweek that I think Tim spells out in a lot of detail. The first concept is the importance of residual income. That is, money that you (as a person or a company) don’t have to fight for each and every month. That may be the sale of an eBook from your website, or some photos that you sell on the side, but ultimately he stresses how important it is for most people to try and obtain that. Without residual income, most people and companies have to fight it out each month, and never get the chance to do the things they actually want to […]