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Tipping Rant


Ok, this is a quick entry on something I’ve been meaning to write about for some time – tipping. For some reason, it seems like more and more places I visit now are introducing “tipping” into the system. In particular, a lot of interact machines I encounter are starting to show “please enter tip amount.” In the old days, you’d usually encountered a “Tip: Yes/No” question first, but I’ve seen the former more and more lately, and it’s starting to piss me off. You see, I don’t think you should tip if you’re buying something across the counter. A good example is Fritz on Davie. If I’m ordering Poutine, the guy just turns around, puts some fries in a container with some gravy, hands them to me, and is done. There’s no real service. So what exactly am I tipping for? Another thing I hate is people who always tip […]